2018 BMW Pickup: Review, Release Date, Exterior, Interior, Price

BMW has numerous ways it might develop a pickup. First, is to leverage its collaboration with Toyota. Keep in mind, BMW’s next roadster, the Z5 will share parts with the upcoming Toyota Supra, so the pair aren’t negative to co-developing products. In theory, BMW might obtain the chassis of the Toyota Hilux. BMW’s variation would unquestionably have a special look from the Hilux, though the Toyota’s rugged strength would shine through.

2018 BMW Pickup Exterior Photos

Another path BMW might take is building an entirely new, body-on-frame pickup that directly competes with American midsize trucks like the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, but on a more luxurious level. Finally, and more rationally, BMW might use among its existing crossover platforms, modifying it to incorporate a cargo box. It makes rational sense then for BMW to use the X5 for its beginning point.

2018 BMW Pickup Exterior

From the C-pillars forward, the 2018 BMW Pickup will likely carry the exact same styling as its X5 cousin. This indicates the classic kidney bean grille and four-eyed headlights. Expect the truck’s method angle to be impressive, allowing it to deal with moderate off-roading. Satin chrome-like accents are most likely to appear on the lower front bumper and the rocker panels, providing the impression of skid plating. Like the Volkswagen Amarok, the BMW pickup could use a roofing rack for additional freight storage.

As for the cargo bed, expect it to be a composite bed with a plastic liner. Both the Toyota Tacoma and Honda Ridgeline use beds like this with excellent success. The rear bumper is most likely to curve like a crossovers, but is likely to have a center action area for a license plate and a lower cut-out for a trailer hitch receiver. In general, the BMW pickup would embody high-end and performance, dealing with rich buyers who want something different or maybe who more energy than a choosy crossover supplies.

2018 BMW Pickup Side Wallpaper

2018 BMW Pickup Interior

Like the front end, the interior will carry familiar themes from the X5 SUV. Expect to see BMW’s common control panel with French-stitched leather and wood inserts. The iPad-like infotainment screen and iDrive controller will be present, in addition to the traditional analog gauge cluster.

In back, BMW might follow the lead of other midsize trucks in using a folding bench that accommodated either 3 people or a big quantity of freight. A small transmission tunnel would only slightly distort the otherwise flat load floor. Hopefully BMW will borrow the Toyota Tundra’s roll-down back window idea. Despite which direction BMW takes with the truck’s chassis and body, expect nothing less than BMW high-end inside the cab. That a person we can be pretty sure on.

2018 BMW Pickup Engine

Drivetrain options also depend upon what path BMW picks for the truck’s chassis and body. If it obtains the Toyota Hilux platform, possibly the Hilux powertrains will be used. Nevertheless, given that we’re wagering BMW will use the X5 as its beginning point, it’s just sensible BMW would use the X5’s powertrain choices in the pickup. This likewise applies if BMW builds a distinct truck chassis, as engine sharing would likely take place.

2018 BMW Pickup Rear Picture

2018 BMW Pickup Release Date and Price

There is no precise date of its launch nevertheless it doesn’t suggest that it won’t be happening. BMW will definitely charge a premium for its pickup, however ought to be on par with the Mercedes pickup. If we pass the X5’s current rates schedule, the base BMW pickup will cast around $57,000. (Remember, xDrive comes requirement.) The diesel version will just see a nominal up-charge of $700 approximately. Choosing the hybrid will cost just over $62,000 and choosing the powerhouse V-8 will set you back almost $72,000. Naturally, prices for a future BMW pickup is pure speculation at this moment.

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